Dos Ranas/ Two Frogs por Christopher Wormell

Dos Ranas/ Two Frogs por Christopher Wormell

Titulo del libro: Dos Ranas/ Two Frogs

Autor: Christopher Wormell

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 1, 2004

ISBN: 8426133541

Editor: Lectorum Publications

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Christopher Wormell con Dos Ranas/ Two Frogs

Children and adults will enjoy reading this wonderfully funny and clever fable.

Two frogs are sitting on a lily pad and one of them has a stick. The stick, he says, is to beat off the dog. But there is no dog -- yet. So begin the trials of this hapless pair whose adventures build to a brilliant conclusion. A unique book with all the qualities of a timeless fable.

From the Hardcover edition.