Piet Boon III (Piet Boon (3)) por Joyce Huisman

Piet Boon III (Piet Boon (3)) por Joyce Huisman

Titulo del libro: Piet Boon III (Piet Boon (3))

Autor: Joyce Huisman

Número de páginas: 309 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 25, 2014

ISBN: 9089894659

Editor: Lannoo Publishers

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Joyce Huisman con Piet Boon III (Piet Boon (3))

HardCover. Pages: 309 Publisher: Terra Uitgeverij The designs of the successful Piet Boon are well-known worldwide. Throughout the world over 80.000 copies of his books Piet Boon and Piet Boon 2 have been sold. Piet Boon III. containing more pages than the first two books. shows recent design projects of Piet Boon. both in the Netherlands and aoad: Portugal. USA. South Africa. Bonaire. Denmark. South Korea and France. The text can be found in seven languages ??at the back: French. German . Italian. Spanish. Chinese. Japanese and Russian. This spectacular collection of Piet Boon's latest projects together make up for an impressive. inspiring book. Piet Boon is one of the most celeated designers in the Netherlands and aoad. He leads a design studio. together with his wife Karin. with an international team of architects and designers. He is especially famous for his furniture d...