Touching the Void (English Edition) por Joe Simpson

Touching the Void (English Edition) por Joe Simpson

Titulo del libro: Touching the Void (English Edition)

Autor: Joe Simpson

Número de páginas: 192 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 12, 2012

Editor: Ltd.

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Joe Simpson con Touching the Void (English Edition)

The 25th Anniversary ebook, now with more than 50 images. 'Touching the Void' is the tale of two mountaineer’s harrowing ordeal in the Peruvian Andes. In the summer of 1985, two young, headstrong mountaineers set off to conquer an unclimbed route. They had triumphantly reached the summit, when a horrific accident mid-descent forced one friend to leave another for dead. Ambition, morality, fear and camaraderie are explored in this electronic edition of the mountaineering classic, with never before seen colour photographs taken during the trip itself.

Included in the ebook and free sample is a link to a ten minute video interview with Joe, discussing the challenges and changes that have come to pass in the 25 years since original publication (Please check if your device is able to stream videos - Internet connection required).